To make the technologies around us more intelligent and spread the awareness, knowledge, and expertise in the field to the researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators through research, development, consultation and education.


Make the technologies more intelligent in serving the mankind in all the spheres of life

Nitin Aggarwal

Nitin Aggarwal

Chief Executive Officer
Senior Research Scientist

Mathematician who has applied AI and ML in the domain of cybersecurity, healthcare, eCommerce, business management, and more. He has a B.Math and M.Math from Indian Statistical Institute, and another Masters from the University of Kansas, Lawrence

Mannu Dwivedi

Dr. Mannu Dwivedi

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Research Scientist

Economist who worked as a researcher in the field of agriculture, consumer expenditure, gender inequality, and cybersecurity. She did her Ph.D. from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, M.Sc and B.Sc from University of Calcutta. Her specialization is in Econometrics.

Our Journey


Indian Statistical Institute

Founders met each other and started merging their ideas together


Towards Different Direction

They separated to different colleges, cities, countries, and even continents


Doctorates And Disappointments

Disappointed with academia and stagnant research they regrouped to try anew


New Ventures New Experiences

They worked in Agricultural Research, Health Care, Ecommerce, Cyber Security, Insurance, and more.


Reassembled And Unified

Started planning to open a Research Lab which would work towards Artificial Intelligence, Brain, and Life


PradhiVrddhi Research

Leaving their jobs, founders started research for the Growth of Greater Intelligence First Customers and Three Research Projects


First Green Year

A year of consultation with two projects from two clients, progress in two research projects Brain and Communication, and advances in PradhiVrddhi Education with Data Science Courses

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