Are you running a startup with an idea which requires more help from Artificial Intelligence or related domain? PradhiVrddhi's research team can help you arrive at an optimal solution that will not require you to create your own research lab.

Domain Knowledge
Layer 1 Cyber Security Domain Traffic Analysis Retail Mathematical Physics Healthcare Agriculture Food Insurance Underwriting
Artificial Intelligence


Convert business knowledge into intelligent processes giving your business an Intelligent Upgrade

Artificial Intelligence can be utilize to introduce intelligence into enteprise but making it intelligent enough to identify, recognize, learn, implment, and augment the decision making process that is taken by the enterprise for its business.

Machine Learning


Maximize Machine Learning by teaching machines everything they can learn about your Business

Technology is the application of the knowledge of an enterprise. The knowledge of the employee, business, success and failures is required to be retained for the optimized growth of the business. The businesses should utilize the power of machine learning to retain the knowledge gathered and make the machines becomes the experts that can share the knowledge with the whole enterprise whereever it is required.

Data Analysis and Econometrics


Analyze all data and report to the Board of Directors

Organization of an enterprise requires the complete information of how it is running. Today, the data that is analyzed only by certain software which have the capacity of doing it. Enterprises requires more of its data to be analyzed and processed properly to retain the edge over their competitors.